Nicole Fox: Q&A with the Top Model winner

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Nicole strikes a pose with "Top Model" host Tyra Banks.
On Wednesday night, Louisville's own Nicole Fox was named the winner of America's Next Top Model. (Relive the season by visiting our recap archive.) That meant a day spent yesterday meeting the press -- and while she was open about sharing her social ineptitude on camera, she's anything but awkward in conversation.

In fact, Fox explodes every sexist stereotype about models being vapid and vacuous. The CU sophomore proves to be extremely bright and witty in a Q&A on view in its entirety below:

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The moment of victory brought out Nicole's self-consciousness.

Fox offers plenty of behind-the-scenes dish about the amount of reality in this particular reality show; confesses that she enjoys "Bloody Eyeball," the bizarre nickname she received -- although she likes another slam tossed her way even better; talks about her future in college and interest in art and creative writing; notes that former Monarch High School students who regarded her as a freak back in the day are having a hard time tracking her down now; and shares tales of her first go-see, at which she was made to demonstrate her notoriously clumsy dancing "ability."

She's pretty damn good at photo shoots, though.

Westword (Michael Roberts): How difficult has it been keeping this secret? And how long have you had to do it?

Nicole Fox: Filming wrapped up mid-June, so it's been months of secret-keeping for me. But honestly, the only thing that helped me cope with that difficulty was the somewhat evil pleasure I got out of watching my relatives watching my relatives squirm every week as they prepared for my eventual elimination.

WW: Did you gather with a big group of them every week to watch?

NF: No, just my sisters and my parents. It was small.

WW: Was watching them finding out that you'd won as good as you finding out in person?

NF: Better. It was sweeter the second time, for sure. The first time, I have to admit, there was the pressure of, "Oh my gosh, I'm America's next top model. I have to react!" Because there's cameras right there! Yes, it was cool, but with the cameras five feet away from me, I thought, "Oh my God, Nicole. Don't pull another casting week and just stand there."

WW: Speaking of the cameras, how long did it take for you to get comfortable with them following your every move? Or did you ever get comfortable with that?

NF: You know what? In the beginning, when I disclosed my discomfort to some of the producers, they assured me that if I made it to the end, that in the end of those two months, I'd forget that they were even there. But boy, was that false advertising. The truth couldn't be more different. I stayed extremely self-conscious with the cameras around. I think I was the only girl who really struggled with it. It was probably the hardest thing for me to overcome.

WW: When you're talking to the cameras in various segments, are you given multiple takes? Do they say, "Try that again," or "Restate that"? How does that part of it work?

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