Barrel Man's revenge: Victory over the Chiefs, and the Chiefs' website

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kansas city chiefs mascot kc wolf kicks the barrelman.gif
The Chiefs took down this pic of their mascot abusing the Barrel Man.
Last week, we told you about a photo on the Kansas City Chiefs' website that showed mascot KC Wolf kicking the Barrel Man.

Didn't seem funny then, and it got a hellvua lot less humorous when news broke that the Barrel Man, also known as Tim McKernan, died Saturday morning. He was 69.

At least the people at the Chiefs' website were paying attention: By Sunday, the photo above had been taken down from the KC Wolf page, where there's currently no image of the furball at all. But the move was more than a little tardy, especially considering that McKernan has been in ill health for quite some time.

Then again, McKernan would probably have taken the photo with good humor -- and he certainly would have been thrilled with the Broncos' 44-13 win against the Chiefs yesterday, in which they obliterated any thoughts of a December curse against them in Arrowhead.

This one's for you, Barrel Man.

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