Denver Blogs: Fondle a bare breast in a Colorado Springs club -- and they take away the booze!

girls mud wrestling.jpg
A Flickr photo
"Okay, we get the bare-breast thing -- but is mud wrestling okay?"
Colorado bloggin' fever: Catch it.

As 5280's Michael de Yoanna tells it, a Colorado Springs liquor board upheld the suspension of a club's license due to bare-breast exposure and fondling during a Girls Gone Wild videoing. If tit, then no tap (H/T Colorado Springs Gazette).

According to Rocky Mountain Right's Mike Robinson, the controversial changing of the guard at the Douglas County School Board "had its awkward moments but the graciousness of outgoing Vice President Emily Hansen smoothed out any rough edges." Sounds like it went smoother than the last DPS school board meeting...

Kate Redding at the Colorado Independent documents the difficulty of finding maternity coverage in this state. Talk about lousy womb service.

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