Denver Blogs: Is this man a Flame-ing idiot?

curtis glenncross.jpg
Calgary Flames stickman Curtis Glencross: You've just been flamed by Mile High Hockey.
Welcome to Denver Blogs. Here's today's menu.

David Driscoll-Carignan, from Mile High Hockey, lets you know how he feels about a certain member of the Calgary Flames with his headline, which reads, "Curtis Glencross: Idiot." That about covers it.

The Colorado Independent's Kate Redding lists upcoming events calling for immigration reform, with ski country weighing in for the first time. The folks there are familiar with obstacle courses -- which is what this issue has become.

Square State's Zappatero thinks Ken Salazar should rue the day he decided to back Connecticut Senator (and healthcare-bill roadblock) Joe Lieberman. The Z-man certainly does.

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