Jared Polis: Second verse, same as the first

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Jared Polis is both a politician and a poet -- and he sent two self-penned poems with his holiday greetings. The first, which you can read here, is a retrospective look at 2009.

The second comes with this message from the congressman: "May 2010 bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform to our nation and our millions of families who wait in limbo for a chance to legally exist, contribute to society, and live the American Dream."

And the poem:

Remaining Work
By the Statue of Liberty (aka Jared Polis)

My dear right side is angry
With certain justification
With rage we observe
Rampant disregard for the law of the land
No one guarding, miles of border sand
Bird flus and pig flus (not the kind for a vet)
Our schools overwhelmed, our hospitals overset
Our Laws flouted and violated,
Our border security degraded,
Without insurance, without taxes, without existence under the rules
Why does our policy this invasion fuel?

My dear left side outraged at tragedies and plights
The mother separated from her sons
The abuelita in flight
The worker paid less than minimum wage
Afraid to object lest he be seized and detained
The student who finds she can't go to college,
The the detainee who languishes in taxpayer-financed squalor

Twelve million here but not here
Laws violated, not enforced
Each day we keep the pot from melting our valuable additions
The irony of our current policies that lead to sedition

An affront to I who hold the torch high
Give me your tired your poor
that I may look through them
Use them abuse them,
And neglect to see
That they are me
And I am but of them and their progeny,
as I always have been and always will be.

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