Wake-Up Call: Jared Polis, poet

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Are there no limits to the talents of Jared Polis? During his first year in Congress, the Boulder Democrat starred in a wonky reality show, demonstrated a beer bong on Comedy Central, and came out swinging on several controversial proposals.

But as 2009 draws to a close, it's time to be a little introspective, so Polis has sent a holiday message complete with two of his own poems. The family fortune that helped fund his congressional run came from the greeting card industry, after all. And as Polis writes in his e-mail missive, "My mother is a poet, and while I can't hold a candle to her abilities, I hope you will enjoy my effort (at least more than you would a recitation of bills that we passed)."

His ode to 2009 follows:

2009, by Jared Polis

2009 come and gone
May 2010 be more ripe for song.
A difficult year for our nation and world
Around us recession, war, strife, all swirled

People jobless
Their families without bread
Looked to our congress
To make them well fed

We passed several bills
"Drink from the public swill"
to AIG, autos, and clunker-owners we said,
And the result, of course: to a higher deficit it led

The mountains of Afghanistan we occupy still
Our troop levels there continue to build
I listened to generals, to scholars to spooks,
Yet Al Queda isn't there,
In Pakistan and Yemen we should look

So too we occupy old Babylon
With a promise we must honor to soon be gone

While in Washington the Pachyderms and asses did battle
Fighting and bickering and sounding like rattlers
Hissing and striking, hemming and hawing,
Displaying plumage and pomp
Never listening always talking

But despite us the engine of America is strong
The free market's cycles are not decades long
There is a natural rhythm to things
Of seasons Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring
Of what futures markets bring
Of Dows, Russells, Standards and Poors
Of bears and of bulls, of declines and of soars
Of jobs and good wages to support honest folk
Of people borrowing and then struggling to throw off debt's yoke

Some cry "depression"!
Others "mild recession"!
Still the country presses on
awaiting the bright new dawn

As for my prescription,
Hardly worth an inscription
The doctors say it best
" Do no harm,"
And a night's good rest.

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