Betsy Markey and Mike Coffman get bipartisan bad news in new wage figures

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Weld County's falling wages didn't put this smile on Betsy Markey's face.
In just-released county and employment figures from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, two Colorado counties get significant spotlight time -- and not in a way calculated to please representatives Betsy Markey and Mike Coffman.

Weld County, part of Democrat Markey's congressional district, finished first among large U.S. counties when it comes to percentage decrease in wages -- a whopping 9 percent. Moreover, Weld placed second in average weekly wage decrease: $68.

The news is almost as bad for Republican Coffman. Douglas County, in his district, finished third in the nation when it comes to percentage decrease in wages (6.1 percent) and the same position for weekly wage decrease ($55). During the upcoming campaign, expect their opponents to mention these numbers a time or twenty.

Check out the entire report by clicking here.

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