Denver Blogs: Is it John Hickenlooper or John Hickenritter?

john hickenlooper photo graph.jpg
"This is my coy smile. Like it?"
Despite what Craig Ferguson says, reading Denver blogs won't make you poop funny.

Colorado Pols sees plenty of signs that John Hickenlooper will soon launch a bid for Colorado's governorship -- including Republican boss Dick Wadhams dubbing him "Hickenritter." Which is not nearly as funny a name as "Dick Wadhams."

Mile High Hockey's David Driscoll-Carignan thinks tonight's Avalanche game against the Calgary Flames will offer "a perfect gut check for our heroes in the road white uniprons." Hope the checkout goes well.

The Peoples Press Collective announces that it's time to take Colorado's political temperature with a new survey. Can you put the thermometer under our tongue instead of... somewhere else?

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