Denver Blogs: Looks like Brandon Marshall is outta here

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Is he walking to the sidelines -- or the exit?
Reading local content is as easy as falling off a Denver blog.

Kyle at Bronco Talk thinks Brandon Marshall did a fine job of PR rehabilitation during an appearance on FM 104.3/The Fan earlier today -- but he's "as good as gone" anyway. Can't wait for him to torch the Broncos wearing someone else's uniform.

Our friends at Colorado Pols rip 5280's list of the fifty most influential people in Denver. I'm mad, too. Why wasn't Rocky, the Nuggets mascot, included? Huh?

Education News Colorado's Alan Gottlieb offers eleven predictions for 2010, including this: "No one will come up with a miracle cure for the fiscal cliff Colorado education will fall off in 2011. By year's end, panic will rival the Y2K bug and H1N1 scares. But in this case, the catastrophe may be real." Mommy!

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