Is Dean Singleton behind pissing match between Google News, Associated Press?

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william dean singleton.jpg
Dean Singleton wants to turn back the Internet clock.
Yesterday, CNNMoney confirmed that Google News hasn't added any new Associated Press content since just before Christmas -- "a sign that contract negotiations between the two companies may have broken down."

No surprise, given some of the comments made by the AP's chairman -- none other than Dean Singleton, head of MediaNews Group and publisher of your Denver Post. Singleton has been out front about wanting to charge for some web content, as he made clear in a Q&A with Westword published back in May. More recently, Singleton suggested that news aggregators that use unsanctioned AP stories could find themselves targeted by lawsuits. According to him, the AP "can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories."

Just another skirmish in the possibly Pyrrhic battle to monetize newspaper content on the web...

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