Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: Little baby Jesus asleep in the... hey!

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The study of neighbors through their holiday decorations...

White Creche Front Blog.jpg
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Of the twelve days of Christmas, today is devoted to the eleven pipers piping. Lest we forget, they are tooting for the birth of the little baby Jesus.

The historical account of elbeejay's birth, detailed in the popular "Away in a Manger" Christmas carol, reveals that there was "no crib for his bed" and that he lay "asleep in the hay." The photo above shows how one innovative urbanite yard artist, without easy access to agricultural silage, improvises the Jesus bedding of their outdoor nativity scene by using a blanket, a bucket and other items found around the home.

More photos below.

A scarcity of available mangers also prompts inventive presentations...

White Creche Right Blog.jpg

From the perspective of the photograph above, it is plain to see that that the holy family is protected beneath an evergreen shrub. Bricks and boards are used to stabilize the Mary and Joe and pitch elbeejay into a more advantageous viewing position. Meanwhile, the owners of the more splendidly crafted creche pictured below, protect their investment with a porch-topping presentation. The rooftop placement also lifts the gaze of the passerby to glimpse what might possibly be the largest TV antenna in the city of Denver...
Creche Porch Roof Blog.jpg
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