Latest beheading victim: a horse (made of fiberglass)

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godfather horse head scene.jpg
"Why couldn't I have bought a fiberglass horse instead of a real one!"
What is it with beheadings all of a sudden? Last week, we told you about a Boulder break-in during which a woman's betta fish was decapitated. And now, a Longmont couple reveals that the head of their beloved fiberglass horse has been separated from its body.

According to the Longmont Times-Call, the horse, which was purchased to commemorate the birth of the pair's first granddaughter, was abused by a group of teenagers who laughed hysterically as they made their getaway.

Oh yeah: During their escape, they also tipped over some decorative deer in a neighbor's yard, but they didn't behead them -- perhaps because they were made of cement. That's one way of keeping your head.

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