William Harvey, Mile High Murder No. 70: Former CU football player identified as victim in Cottonwood Trail Apartments shooting

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cottonwood trail apartments.jpg
The Cottonwood Trail Apartments.
As we told you last week, a man was found dead in an SUV at the Cottonwood Trail Apartments in Aurora -- and police were investigating it as a homicide.

Since then, the victim has been identified as William Harvey, reportedly a member of the CU Buffs football team in 1986 and 1987. He subsequently racked up a lengthy arrest record.

According to the Aurora Police Department, he lived a few blocks away from the apartment complex where he breathed his last.

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Sorry to tell you, Trish, but it is.....


I hope this isn't Harvey...nickel back.....friends with me and Hatcher and the rest of us at CU......trish.......track and field

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