Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez announce their wedding date with giant Valentine's Day cards

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valentines day card carmelo and la la.jpg
As seen on the People magazine website -- a card with a lotta heart.
Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez have set a date for their New York City nuptials: July 10, 2010. And to make sure none of their important guests schedule a backyard barbecue for the same day, the Nuggets star and former MTV veejay put a couple hundred Valentine's Day-themed save-the-date cards in the mail this weekend.

The whole thing reminds me of elementary school, when you'd decorate a shoebox, cut a slit in the top and then leave it on your desk all day so your classmates could deposit their valentines. Melo and La La are like the cool kids; their valentines are big and fancy and imprinted with their names in curlicue font. And -- surprise, surprise -- I'm the dorky kid who didn't get one of those fancy valentines. Hey La La, text me if you need the address to my shoebox.

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