Brian Bonsall's latest mug shot gets a thumbs-down from TMZ

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three brian bonsall mug shots.JPG
Brian in 2010, 2009 and 2007: What's your favorite?

Former Family Ties cast member Brian Bonsall's latest arrest would have made news even if he hadn't claimed that the marijuana in his system during a positive drug test had been used for medicinal purposes (despite the fact that he doesn't haven't the required license). After all, his last booking photo was such a brilliant image that we immediately inducted Bonsall into our Busted Former Child Star Mug Shot Hall of Fame. But the most recent image is considerably more sedate, not to mention piercings-free -- which explains why TMZ's headline for its post on the bust reads, "Family Ties Kid -- New Mug Shot Lacks Luster."

Guess he'll have to try harder next time. And odds are good there will be a next time.

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Lol all the dates are wrong. You guys suck at news TMZ but you know that. It's funny to be the topic of discussion and see that TMZ are horrible journalists except for the Surfer dude, met him at Beach Pizza in Manhatten Beach. He was a cool guy.

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