Denver Broncos on Denver Blogs: Is Pat Bowlen thinking about selling the team -- maybe to Stan Kroenke?

pat bowlen photo.jpg
"I'm sick of talking about Josh McDaniels and Brandon Marshall. Can you blame me?"
Here are three things bloggers are writing about Denver stuff today.

Ian Henson at Bronco Talk shares a report that the Broncos might be for sale, with Stan Kroenke potentially an interested party. Maybe Pat Bowlen doesn't want either Kyle Orton or Donovan McNabb working for him...

The Denver PR Blog's Jeremy Story picks his favorite Dennis Leonard moments. Those were the days.

The Colorado Independent's John Tomasic shares Republican senatorial hopeful Tom Wiens's theory that rival Jane Norton has high name recognition because people are confusing her with former Interior Secretary Gale Norton and UNC president Kay Norton. How about the character Art Carney played on The Honeymooners, too? "NOR-TON!"

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