Pete Hautzinger, Grand Junction DA, goes out of town -- and his kids party until the cops come

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Pete Hautzinger probably won't prosecute his sons -- officially, anyhow.
It's a classic movie scenario that's popped up in American Pie, Mean Girls and plenty of other teen flicks: Mom and dad take a vacation, leaving their kids at home -- where they throw a giant party that gets out of hand.

Hilarious, right? Unless you're Pete Hautzinger, Grand Junction's district attorney, who got to play out these scene in real life.

According to Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel, Hautzinger and his wife headed off for some rest and recreation on Saturday morning.

And shortly thereafter, the fun started.

Hautzinger's two sons reportedly invited some friends over to barbecue and play video games. Then more friends came, bringing a supply of liquor, which had the effect of turning up the volume on the good times so much that a neighbor called the police.

Who issued 26 summonses to the party-goers, most of whom were between fourteen and eighteen and "obviously intoxicated."

No word as to whether anyone chased their booze with a shot of beer and jism. That would be taking the American Pie comparison a little too far.

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