Brady Quinn hunky photo gallery

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brady quinn in pads.jpg
Men and women alike would probably enjoy breaking off a piece of this.
To put it mildly, the jury is still out on whether new Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn is going to be a savior or a bust.

But there's no debate about whether Quinn's a luscious chunk of man candy.

The verdict on that's been in for a while now.

Fortunately, Quinn provides plenty of snaps of himself on his MySpace page.

Yes, he's still got one, although he doesn't appear to have updated it lately.

As a result, the photos are from a while back -- but they still show off one aspect of his talent everyone acknowledges:

His gorgeousness.

Page through them below:

brady quinn fullsize topless photo.jpg
Ripped yet casual.

brady quinn throwing first pitch.jpg
Brady tossing out a first pitch. Nice form, dude.

brady quinn partying it up with bret michaels.jpg
Is that Bret Michaels with BQ?

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