Denver's top 50 most wanted criminals: A mug shot and offense gallery

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donald roberts bug shot.JPG
No. 34, Donald Roberts (no relation).
Over the weekend, the Denver Police Department released its latest list of the city's fifty most wanted criminals -- a homage of sorts to the FBI's ten most wanted list, which celebrated its sixtieth anniversary on Sunday; check out our gallery of mug shots featuring roster mates busted in Colorado over the years by clicking here.

The Denver version is headed by a familiar face: Heber Godoy, who's wanted in the May 29, 2009 murder of Alfred Gonzales at the El Chapparal night club. Back then, the DPD couldn't seem to decide whether Godoy's first name was spelled "Heber" or "Herber" -- but they seem pretty sure by now.

The others in the spotlight are wanted for a variety of crimes, from sexual assault on a child (No. 2, Jim Richard Hockett) to distribution of drugs (No. 4, Clay Garcia -Baeza) to even parole violation (No. 11, Andrew Cross). Unlike Godoy, the majority have received relatively little publicity until now. To see their mug shots and check out the crimes for which they're wanted, page through our complete gallery below:

1 heber godoy.JPG
No. 1: Heber Godoy.

2 jim richard hockett.jpg
No. 2: Jim Richard Hockett.

3 nicholas e walker.jpg
No. 3: Nicholas E. Walker.

4 clay garcia baez.jpg
No. 4: Clay Garcia-Baeza.

5 samuel crespin.jpg
No. 5: Samuel Crespin.

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