FBI's Ten Most Wanted list 60th anniversary: A mug shot gallery of Colorado connections

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ernest tait 23.jpg
Ernest Tait was one of the few felons to be on the Most Wanted List twice: He's both number 23 and number 133.
Sunday marks the sixtieth anniversary of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. It got its start on March 14, 1950, after an International News Service reporter asked the feds for info on the "toughest guys" on the Bureau's radar -- and when the story came out, director J. Edgar Hoover recognized it as a potential publicity bonanza. And he was right.

Since then, 494 fugitives have made the list, of whom 463 were eventually captured -- ten of them in Colorado.

We've collected vintage mug shots and information about those apprehended here. Not all of them were murderers, rapists, etc.: Early on, the list was dominated by bank robbers, burglars, car thieves and the like. But as the years wore on, the offenses got nastier. Check them out below:

raymond edward young 26.jpg
Raymond Edward Young, number 26.

Raymond Edward Young:
Dates on the list: 11/12/51-11/16/51

The FBI doesn't offer details about Young's crimes. The account reads: "Due to FBI investigation, Young was arrested in Denver, Colorado. Young worked nights at a bakery and was apprehended while loading bread trucks." With, presumably, actual bread, not the kind you can spend.

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