Flobots, Pretty Lights, zombie fashion and more: Over the Weekend

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Aaron Thackeray
What'd you miss this weekend if you spent the whole time at home Googling "'Brady Quinn' and 'single'"? A lot. Check it out below:

• The Flobots (and Hickenlooper) rocked the Ogden on Friday. And we took (moving) pictures.

• Pretty Lights almost blew up the Ogden on Saturday. And we took pictures.

The DBCs Zombie Fashion Show 430.jpg
- Zombies had a fashion show at Bender's. It was strangely hot.

• It wasn't St. Patrick's Day, but it was the parade, which allowed parents to let their kids celebrate the holiday without fear of being accidentally beer bonged by a drunk guy named Jimmy.

• You know Diamond? The strip club? Well there's a bar above it, and people go there, and the clothes stay on. Sort of.

• The clothes definitely stayed on at the Mercury for the Buckingham Squares.

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