Skunk with jar stuck on head wisely blames media

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skunk with a jar on its head.JPG
"Knowing everyone's looking at me makes this even worse!"
A skunk that got its head stuck in a peanut butter jar attracted plenty of press attention in Grand Junction over the weekend -- and it appears that the skunk didn't like it one bit.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife employee was tasked with removing the jar without getting a blast of pungent polecat juice blasted at him as a special thank-you. Thanks to a "noose pole," he managed the trick in a mere ten minutes. Impressive! Afterward, a CDOW spokesman told the Daily Sentinel, "It took off and ran toward a television guy. Only the media around there were at risk."

Nonetheless, the reporters escaped unsprayed -- damn it. Look below to watch Channel 31's report:


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