Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: Expect Mike Shanahan to go after him -- hard

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brandon marshall in an image from channel 7s website.jpg
"Did you know I'm available?"
It's that time again, lovers of Denver bloggery.

Bronco Talk's Jonathan Douglas thinks Mike Shanahan wants Brandon Marshall in a Redskins uniform in part because "Mike's probably one of the few people that Marshall would respect (and trust) enough to accept a payday that's reasonable (and not over-inflated)." Although Dan Snyder could afford it either way.

Check out a large number of new water-and-conservation-related posts on Coyote Gulch, including news about the Araphaoe Snowfly. Brrrrr.

A Colorado Pols post by Jason Salzman about the election modernization bill includes an update citing rumors that Dick Wadhams is personally marshalling the opposition. Dick to the rescue.

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