Dustin Winesberry, registered sex offender, takes world's sexiest mug shot

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dustin winesberry mug shot.jpg
"Helllooo, ladies!"
Words commonly used to describe mug shots include "menacing," "pathetic," "disturbing" and "hilarious" -- but usually not "sexy."

So congrats, Dustin Winesberry. The seductive, come-hither mug shot taken of you yesterday at Boulder County Jail looks like the cover of a '70s-era album -- say, Dustin Winesberry Gets Next to You -- by an R&B lover man. If only you weren't a registered sex offender.

Bruce Haas, administrative commander for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office's jail division, admits to being caught off-guard by the snap. "If I showed you a hundred mug shots, 99 of them would be fairly consistent: people with their hands down to their sides, looking forward and then looking sideways," he says -- a comment borne out by our gallery of Denver's 50 most wanted fugitives. "So I was surprised by this one as well."

What did Winesberry, 22, do to earn this photo session? As reported by the Boulder Daily Camera, he was arrested after climbing onto the balcony of an apartment and trying to convince the women inside to hang out with him. The invitation wasn't appreciated: One of the women called the cops, who busted him on suspicion of attempted second-degree trespass and transported him to the Boulder County Jail for that sultry closeup.

According to Haas, mug shots can be challenges to capture depending on the situation. "Sometimes people come in intoxicated, and we try to get the picture the best way we can," he says. "But most people are cooperative."

Maybe a little too cooperative in Winesberry's case. To Haas, "it looks pretty smug," what with his hand on his chin, his eyebrows and his body cocked at a casual angle. That's why "I'm going to be looking into this, to find out who took the picture, so we can make sure we don't make a habit of taking those kinds of photos," he says.

Too bad -- because this one certainly brought sexy back to an unexpected venue.

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Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill

Worlds sexiest mug shot? Hardly. Can I get back that 2 minutes of time I wasted in reading this...?

Rob Strong Paw Ruby
Rob Strong Paw Ruby

I'm surprised you guys don't have like a million awards for this type of quality journalism..

Jay Jurgens
Jay Jurgens

hmmm sex offender huh? i say cut off his balls so he can have something smile about then,f---n scumbag.someone should cut that smille offn his face with a pair of toenail cutters

Dave Hearn
Dave Hearn

I totally remember seeing this guy on The Hill a couple days before he got busted...

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