Nuggets in Denver Blogs: They were impotent against the Spurs -- but can they still get it up?

espn nba crew.JPG
These men weren't impressed by the Nuggets on Saturday.
Look! Blogs about Denver! Over here!

In his account of the Denver's dispiriting loss to San Antonio, Roundball Mining Company's Jeremy says the Spurs played "a near-perfect game," while the Nuggets were "impotent." It's the time of year to stand up, not go limp.

Those meanies at kick Senator Michael Bennet when he's down, needling him for Walter Cronkite nostalgia. And that's the way it is.

Denver Egotist provides the basics about Startup Weekend Boulder, April 16-18, in which "local developers, marketers, designers, enthusiasts start companies in just 54 hours." Sounds a little like Celebrity Apprentice, except for the lack of celebrities and apprentices.

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