Midget contemplates kicking crocodile ass and other wall-art shoe tributes: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Categories: Art, Comics

Midget and Gator Blog.jpg
Photo by Kenny Be
Midget in big boots contemplates the kicking of some crocodile ass.

Valverde: The hand-painted sign pictured above covers the entire east wall of El Nuevo Rancho Grande on West Alameda at Clay Street. The artist leaves it up to the viewer's imagination to decide whether the midget gets eaten or the gator gets made into a new pair of boots.

See the special store where Tebow, Tulo and Ty can buy their athletic pumps below:

Atletic shoes with Pump Blog.jpg
Photo by Kenny Be
Getting pumped to make the plays.

Sun Valley: Including a ladies pump in the ATLETIC SHOES sign pictured above shows that something, besides the letter 'h' in athletic, has been lost in translation.

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