Bad Hatter Bandit turns FBI into fashion police

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I think she pulls it off...
After outdoing itself earlier this week by way of its moniker for the Super Freak Bandit, the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, the agency charged with nicknaming local bank robbers, has taken on a new beat: fashion policing.

Note that its latest alert focuses on a scofflaw dubbed the Bad Hatter, "for obvious reasons."

Isn't that a little cruel, guys? The topper seen here may not be the stuff of Fashion Week runways, but is it really that bad?

Okay, it is. Definitely. Check out more shots of the wanted woman below, along with that FBI release.

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The Denver Police Department and the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force responded to a bank robbery which occurred on

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at approximately 2:05 p.m. at the

Bank of the West
2050 S. Downing St.
Denver, Colorado

The suspect is described as a white female, 5'4" to 5'5", approximately 150 lbs., 45 to 55 years of age.

The suspect presented a demand note for money to the teller.

She is believed to be responsible for a two other bank robberies in the Denver metro area. The FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force has dubbed this bank robber the "Bad Hatter Bandit," for obvious reasons.

Bank robbery is punishable by a twenty year prison sentence for each offense and increases if a dangerous weapon is used in the commission of the crime.

The FBI continues to provide financial institutions with the best practices for security to make them less vulnerable to robberies.

If anyone has any information on the bank robbery above, or any bank robbery, please call the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at 303-629-7171; or, you can remain anonymous and earn up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) by calling CRIMESTOPPERS at 720-913-STOP (7867).

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