Child-porn fan a good argument for No Known Cure

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Even as legislators were spinning their last-second vote that will let sex offenders choose their own treatment, and also removed the words "no known cure" when describing their crimes, Senior U.S. District Judge John Kane was chastising a clearly not-cured child-porn addict.

Two years ago, Kane had given Ralph Rausch, convicted of possessing child pornography, a probationary sentence instead of sending him to prison because he was ill and awaiting a kidney transplant. But Rausch violated probation by purchasing Barely Legal Baby and did not comply with sex offender treatment, denying that he had any problems, according to this Denver Post story.

"You said you didn't think you are a pedophile," Kane said. "Yes, you are. Just looking at that junk makes you one. Until you say that to yourself and others, you are not going to make any progress at all. You cannot sit and pout at any group sessions."

Kane sent Rausch to a halfway house for 180 days. If he violates his probation again, he'll go to federal prison.

And in the meantime, the No Known Cure group, which has asked Governor Bill Ritter to veto HB 1364, has its poster boy.

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