Colorado People of Walmart: A photo gallery

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people of walmart track suit.jpg
If HBO decides to make a sequel to "The Sopranos," this guy's ready.
Okay, maybe, which collects frequently unflattering photos of Walmart shoppers, can seem a little elitist at times. But the site's redeemed by the fact that it's pretty damn funny -- and as a bonus, it allows visitors to search by state, so they can see what their friends and neighbors look like when their guard is down. Way down.

Page through below to see a hilarious gallery of other Colorado shots, including guest appearances by celebrities like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Michael Cera. Who knew? And while you're at it, check out this People of Walmart rap by local MC J Dirty.

people of walmart ahoy matie.jpg
That's one helluva Johnny Depp impression, my friend.

people of walmart car covered in trolls.jpg
"I'd like to thank the little people..."

people of walmart clown buying funny card.jpg
This is where Chuckles gets all his best material.

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