Denver's Most Dogged: Kenny Be knows dog-lovers and what they want

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In this week's Westword, Kenny Be draws "Denver's Most Dogged" -- a breakdown of the city's rabid dog-lovers. After dividing the dog-lovers into six types -- from Petrosexuals to Dogvocates -- he outlines their every desire.

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Who They Are
Even though the city estimates that it has a population of over 177,000 dogs, there are only six types of dog owners ...

1. The Petrosexuals Blog.jpg
#1 of 6: The Petrosexuals
Reason for having a dog: As an aid in meeting a mate, for practice child rearing
Characteristics: Dog park birthday parties, always picking hair from clothes and face
Breed preference: Labs, Retrievers
Name choice: Cool names -- Ajax, Styx, Ida, Echo
Favorite Accessory: Bandanna
Poop pick-up percentage: 100%. Will carry extra poop bags for socializing purposes, will pick up abandoned poops to win favorable dog-walking dates

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Leash Dog Training
Leash Dog Training

Awesome . Thanks for this wonderful article . Had a great time reading this . :)


The majority of the Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Park off-leash dog users want the areas to remain the same: fenceless AND at Chatfield continued access to the river (off-leash!). These proposed changes are due to Ken Brink's (State Park official) collaboration with the Sport Dog Trainers. The sport dog trainers at Chatfield make up maybe all of 40 people. The off-leash dog exercisers number over 3,500 (as per petition #'s). You do the math! explains everything very well including the State Park commissioned studies: water, soil, animal & bird. All studies ended with the same conclusion: these off-leash areas have no impact! The State Park officials talk about vague terms such as "Sustainability", "Future Use", "User Conflicts" and don't statistically define them. As far as sustainability, look at what they've recently done at the Chatfield Off-Leash Area: clear-cut all trees and shrubs from the riparian area (including indigenous and non-indigenous) AND indiscriminately sprayed herbicide over all this clear-cut including getting it into the South Platte River! I don't understand how this is considered "sustainable" or improving the riparian areas!!! Apparently, the Park Officials are pushing these changes through prior to Ritter's departure in order to get it done before the next administration takes over. They fear the new administration wouldn't look as favorably on obliterating this extremely profitable money maker for the Parks!!!


Hey Kenny- You forgot the people that have their dogs leashed to their waists while they run/ride/rollerblade. Bet the poop pickup is 0%!

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