DIA-style stadium in Denver? Not quite...

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denver fantasy stadium.JPG
Striking... but it would have some drawbacks.
The folks at FantasyHumor.com have turned their attention to Denver -- but they're a little behind the times with the May 18 post headlined "Denver's New Stadium Bums Out Kickers." We're willing to overlook the fact that the latest Broncos stadium debuted in 2001 because of the excellent, DIA-inspired graphic above, as well as complaining "comments" from kicker Matt Prater, who bitches, "Field goals are going to be more difficult, and punts virtually impossible. You have to kick around almost a 90 degree area of a circle, keeping your kicks low, and even then the ceiling drops to a point where the ball will almost surely be knocked down."

Unfortunately, that's followed by gripes attributed to quarterback Jay Cutler about how hard it's going to be for him to hit Brandon Marshall now. True, Cutler has a big arm, but he probably can't complete a pass from Chicago, his current home base, to Miami, where Marshall will play this season.

Get with it, guys. You just missed a golden opportunity for a Tim Tebow joke. To read the post, click here.

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