FBI Denver's most wanted criminals: A photo gallery

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a single francisco alfonso murillo mug shot.jpg
Francisco Murillo, unwilling TV star.
Back in March, we shared a photo gallery of criminals with Colorado connections who landed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List during the roster's sixty-year history.

But the FBI's Denver branch has a most wanted list of its own -- four murderers and one attempted murderer whose capture remain the office's top priority. As FBI spokesman Dave Joly points out, one of the quintet -- Fracisco Alfonso Murillo -- was featured late last month by America's Most Wanted in its "Fifteen Seconds of Shame" segment.

Page through below to learn more about Murillo and others wanted for all the wrong reasons:

Socorro Anselmo Gutierrez mug shot.JPG
Socorro Anselmo Gutierrez.
Aliases: Socoro Gutierrez, Socorro A. Gutierrez, Soco Gutierrez, Socorro Gutierrez, Anselmo Trujillo, Socorro Anselmo Guiterrez


Date of Birth Used: December 13, 1969
Hair: Brown
Place of Birth: Colorado
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7"
Sex: Male
Weight: 130 -140 pounds
Race: White (Hispanic)
NCIC: W322240385
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unknown
Scars and Marks: Gutierrez has tattoos located on his neck, left arm, upper-right arm, and his chest.

Remarks: Gutierrez has ties to the San Luis Valley area in Southern Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additionally, he may be traveling with fugitive Vinnicio Rafael Martinez, and both may have fled to Mexico.


Socorro Anselmo Gutierrez and his accomplice Vinnicio Rafael Martinez are being sought for murder in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both men are active members of a violent street gang known as the Varrio Raza Grande (VRG), and on May 23, 1997, members of a rival gang (known as the Juaritos) reportedly fired several gunshots at the VRG. No one was injured during this incident, but reportedly some members of the VRG decided to retaliate for the shooting by killing a specific member of the Juaritos. On May 24, 1997, members of the VRG allegedly opened fire on a car, that was owned by the targeted member of the Juaritos. The intended victim was not in the car during the shooting and had loaned his vehicle to some juvenile acquaintances. When the VRG members allegedly fired at the car, one of the rounds penetrated the trunk of the car and struck the rear-seat passenger in the head. The 13-year-old child later died as a result of the shooting.

In June of 1999, a VRG member who drove the suspect's vehicle during the above incident was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment plus 240 years for his participation in the shooting. Additionally, Gutierrez and Martinez were also identified as subjects in this crime, and both allegedly fired shots during the incident.

On November 6, 2001, an arrest warrant was issued for Socorro Anselmo Gutierrez in the District Court of El Paso County, state of Colorado, for first degree murder. Additionally, on December 28, 2001, a federal arrest warrant was issued by the United States District Court, District of Colorado, after Gutierrez was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


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