Jewish squirrel spotted on Downing Street: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Cap Hill Jew Squirrel Blog.jpg
Photo by Kenny Be
Had the truck in the photograph above not been in motion, I would have asked the driver about the Star of David and the squirrel. These are not the kind of window stickers that a person carefully places onto their car if they don't want to explain them. So I had to investigate things myself. Look below for what I found.

Later, at home, my Google search for "Jewish Squirrel" only turned up the MySpace page for a female resident of Bangor, Maine. However, "Jew Squirrel" led me to a YouTube clip of comedian Richard Lewis speculating that Larry David's Jew Squirrel diet of grains and fruits and nuts could be the cause of his numerous daily bowel movements.

In any event, it leads me to believe that this truck is being driven by a fan of the Curb Your Enthusiasm TV show, or is himself a practitioner of the Jew Squirrel Diet. In which case, he was probably in a hurry to get to a bathroom.

Here's the "Jew Squirrel" video:

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