The Daily Show smokes Denver's pot scene -- and our weed critic

william breathes in smoke cloud daily show marijuana story.JPG
At last, critic William Breathes as seen in his natural habitat.
The Daily Show's long awaited dissection of Denver's medical marijuana industry finally reached the screen last night, and the results were smokin'.

Along with the anticipated ganja gags (a pile of cheeseburgers makes a guest appearance), correspondent Jason Jones stumbled upon a real story: The competition between larger dispensaries, represented by Apothecary of Colorado, and so-called mom and pops like Delta 9.

jason jones licks wanda james daily show marijuana story.JPG
Jason Jones samples the Wanda James strain.
Predictably, though, Jones deals with the subject less soberly than did the recent Wall Street Journal piece that caught The Daily Show's attention in the first place. When AOC and 8 Rivers co-owner Scott Durrah talks about how everything in a product room is pot-infused, for instance, Jones tests this theory by licking the hand of Durrah's partner, Wanda James. Tasty.

And that's not to mention an appearance by Westword marijuana critic William Breathes that was shot in our office last month. We still haven't come down from that experience.

Check out the full segment below:

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