Tim Tebow haters (including hot chicks at bars) unite at TebowHaters.com

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Why does this man inspire so much anger?
Josh McDaniels's decision to draft Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft has been the subject of debate this off-season so far -- and around here, plenty of fans are warming up to the pick.

But don't fool yourself: There are legions of pigskin addicts who absolutely despise Timbo, and their ire is being noticed far from either Denver or Florida, when he played his college ball.

Example: "Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Blasted By Hot Chick at Bar," a San Francisco Chronicle piece highlighting the entertainingly over-the-top vitriol that flows from a website called TebowHaters.com.

Today's TebowHaters.com entry is hardly the only memorable broadside aimed at the Double T. On Monday, the site published an item headlined "With JaMarcus Russell Done, Bust Watch Turns to Tim Tebow," with this wit and wisdom courtesy of Bleacher Report:

Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf.

Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf. The heat is now on Tebow.

Hate is even spicier when it's served fresh. Look below for YouTube clips of the aforementioned hot chick ripping Tebow at least a couple of new ones, plus footage of Dallas Cowboys coach Jerry Jones explaining why he didn't go out of his way to put a star on Timmy's helmet:

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