Big Oil slime responsible for slick Capitol Hill Apartment design: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Big Oil Slick Design Blog.jpg
Photo by Kenny Be
Classic gas station graphics will keep residents pumped in good times and bad.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is currently called a "disaster," but that will change with time. Because Americans love petroleum more than life itself, they will no doubt find a way to turn this catastrophe into cash. Imagine Carnival's pirate-themed cruises through flaming seas and Monsanto's genetically modified oil-sucking prawns that can heat a house for a week and feed a family of four on Friday.

Like the Capitol Hill apartments pictured above, oil companies will be revered and idolized for their cultural contributions. Even when a wrench is thrown into the works, like in the building's address, everything has a way of turning out more beautifully than anyone ever imagined. Now quit wringing your hands and get to work.

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