Bill Sullivan, the target of Operation Cock Block, to be deposed in court this morning

cropped bill sullivan mug shot.jpg
Bill Sullivan.
Bill Sullivan, the subject of our recent feature article about Operation Cock Block, will have some explaining to do this morning.

He's scheduled to be deposed by lawyers for Jamie White, the man from whose DVD and laser disc company he embezzled nearly $1 million in the 1990s.

Although Sullivan was ordered to pay back the money -- $1.8 with civil damages -- court records show he's been hesitant. With interest, Sullivan now owes White close to $4 million. White's lawyers can depose him with the hopes of gaining information about his finances, which may or may not include millions in trust funds and overseas bank accounts.

The deposition is not open to the public, but we hope it's more fruitful than our own interview with Sullivan. Asked about the debt, Sullivan told us, "it will never be satisfied."

At least not if he has his way, apparently.

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