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Note: This story cartoon will appear in this week's issue of Westword.

Politicians and tarot decks are amazingly similar. Both were created for trick-taking games, and both are largely used by the foolhardy to foretell the future. The personalities of Colorado's most widely known politicians correspond remarkably well to the characters and symbols of the 22 major trump cards of a tarot deck. And, much like the Major Arcana, each of Colorado's major politicians has two interpretations. It all depends on which voter is dealing the cards ...

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(left) Perpetual Republican Grand Old Party Boy
Muhammad Ali Hasan, the Fool
Card Interpretation
Upright: Passionate, Hasty, Brash, Extravagant, Unlimited Possibilities.
Reversed: Unable to complete projects, Easily bored, Overbearing.

(right) Democratic Candidate for Colorado Governor
John Hickenlooper, the Magician
Card Interpretation
Upright: Charismatic, Creative, Willing to help those willing to work.
Reversed: Insincere, Insecure, Nonsensical glad-handing con artist.

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