Fireworks, free food, used cars and Jesus: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Freedom Auto Fireworks BlogHead.jpg
Full photos below.
Would combining Jesus Christ and used car sales be considered an unholy alliance? Apparently not at "Freedom Autos" on Federal Blvd. Jesus Christ's bigger billing on the street sign (pictured right) and his promise to set you free, almost makes the freedom offered by used-car ownership seem evil. It is easy to come to that conclusion after gazing at the selection of used vehicles set amid more signs that promise free food for Jesus. Look below for more evidence.

Freedom Autos May Blog1.jpg
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When the photo above was taken back on May 19, 2010. At that time, the lack of used-car selection at Freedom Autos was clearly offset by the availability of numerous trailers, a boat, a scooter and even a gyros wagon! The sales office sports a banner that reminds "Todo es Mejor Con Cristo."

Several "Free Food For Jesus" signs seen to the left, surround an older home on the business property. Each of the signs is imprinted with the same phone number as featured on the Freedom Autos, as well as the web address of These are the same contacts for the Revival Center of the Rockies, an evangelical church run by Ray Cordova. A return visit suggests that Ray's fire-and-brimstone sermonizing can sell anything from cars and Christ to firecrackers...

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