Laurie Brandt as suburban superhero Westminster Windskipper: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

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Westminster Windskipper
Real Name: Laurie Brandt
Occupation: Renaissance Woman
Suburb of Operations: Westminster
Hair: Windblown
Eyes: Wide Open

Suburban superhero skills: Shortly after inadvertently swallowing a small insect while touring Westminster's Butterfly Pavilion, Laurie Brandt was transformed into Westy Windskipper. She possesses the normal human strength for a woman of her age and height who feeds exclusively on Qdoba burritos and trace amounts of chocolate.

Westy Windskipper possesses the ability to promote and foster diversity and healthy community development by virtue of her quick darting movements between a dozen paid and volunteer positions.

Even with her expert skill set in the business arts, she continues historic preservation training under the tutelage of Community Development Programs Coordinator Vicky Bunsen and has proven highly agile in the promotion of the South Westminster Arts Group (SWAG). Like a pollinating Lepidoptera she proudly SWAGgers from theater to gallery during Second Saturday Historic Westminster Art Walks.

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