Biennial of the Americas has summer's best party potential: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Full comic below.
Unlike the other 200 biennials that take place across the globe, Denver's Biennial of the Americas was created to showcase the city's business community -- not to promote the talent of its creative class. Businessmayor® John Hickenlooper is hoping to stimulate Denver's economic development by exploiting the creative class and bringing business and political leaders from across the western hemisphere together at cultural events and private parties throughout the city...

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Rumors are flying that after the July 7 Symposium on Stopping Terrorism Through Transnational Security Cooperation, Buckley Air Force Base Colonel Vincent B. Jefferson and former NORAD Commander General Victor Renuart will host the 9th Anniversary party for America's War on Terrorism at the John S. Stewart V.F.W. Post #1. The event celebrates the country's longest running war with a cupcake sculpture of the bombing of Baghdad created by Denon Moore of Denver's Cupcake Truck and Brendan Tang, a Canadian cake sculptor.

Flames made from frosting aside, more parties with meatier artworks are scheduled. Check them out below:

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