Boulder named best place to raise abducted children (by The Onion): City fans ambivalent

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Boulder: Best place to raise those stolen kids!
Boulder tends to win a lot of "Best place to..." awards, and now it's racked up a new honor: The city's been named the best place to raise abducted children by American Living magazine. Never heard of that publication? That's because the whole thing is made up, part of a satirical article in the Onion that's left some Boulderites swelling with pride -- and others sullenly demanding a recount.

The Facebook page "Boulder, Colorado," which describes itself as "A page for fans of Boulder," linked to the article this weekend, noting, "Boulder has won so many awards, that it takes a special award to get our attention. So we were deeply honored by our most recent accolade, Boulder was 'Named Best Place To Raise Abducted Children!'"

The post was quickly flooded with comments, some supportive ("way to be edgy Boulder!" and "I wish someone would abduct me and take me to Boulder!"), some less so. "Sorry, but really, really not funny at all," wrote one commenter.

Maybe she didn't like the part of the Onion article that read:

"Everyone here is so friendly," said Mary Brown, who moved to the region last November with her common-law husband. "They're quick to smile and say hello, but they never ask any prying questions, like why you have an Asian baby."
Look on the bright side, noted one commenter: "At least we didn't get voted 'Best place for Californian yuppie girls with their daddy's credit cards to move.'"

There's a reason for that, responded another Facebook user. "I thought Boulder was voted 'Best place for Californian yuppie girls with their daddy's credit cards to move' a long, long time ago."

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