Colorado's top 100 most wanted sex offenders: A mug shot gallery

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michael keslar sex offender list mug shot 2010.JPG
Michael Keslar, No. 52.
We have a good news-bad news situation for racists and chauvinists. The good news? We've found a specialty in which white men continue to dominate. The bad news? The specialty in question is sex offenses.

The U.S. Marshals Service has released its list of the top 100 most wanted sex offenders in Colorado, and while dudes of various ethnicities are represented (along with two women), the vast majority are male Caucasians. Page through below to check out the alternately creepy and frightening mug shots and details of the offenses for which they're wanted. If you recognize anyone, inform the law using info at this link:

1 top sex offender list laurence lloyd.JPG

2 top sex offer list jeffrey pedersen.JPG

3 top sex offender list david perez.JPG

4 top sex offender list john witt.JPG

5 top sex offender list donell biggs.JPG

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