Denver Zoo: Which baby animal is the cutest?!?

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Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo
I iz kewt?
The cuteness overflow-eth at the Denver Zoo.

This week, the zoo posted photos of its newest baby animals: four Amur tiger cubs born last month. To the surprise of no one with eyes and a heart, the cubs are effing adorable.

But are they the cutest babies the zoo has to offer?

Um, maybe. I dare anyone who's not made of stone to look at the photo below and not involuntarily say, "Awwwww!"

Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo
The two female cubs snuggle. I can haz napz?
But maybe I'm biased because the tiger cubs are so fluffy-wuffy and I want to squeeze them! So in the interest of fairness, here's a roundup of the other baby animals born at the zoo recently.

Page through to see more effing cuteness!

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