Dick Wadhams suddenly getting laryngitis about Tom Tancredo's run for governor?

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Dick Wadhams.
In recent days, Colorado Republican Party boss Dick Wadhams has been eager to chat about Tom Tancredo. On Friday in this space, Wadhams blasted Tancredo's planned run for governor, and he gave Tancredo an earful on a radio talk show yesterday. But now that Tancredo is in the race, Wadhams is clamming up. Is it because he realizes he made a terrible political mistake -- telling the truth without thinking through the consequences?

In his Friday conversation with Westword, Wadhams called Tancredo's potential campaign Republicans' "worst nightmare." And while he didn't state categorically that a Republican candidate couldn't win if Tancredo jumped into the fray -- "That's the question, isn't it?" he said when asked directly -- he certainly insinuated it strongly in remarks like this one:

"If he was sincere about what his goal was, which is to defeat John Hickenlooper, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing. To suddenly enter this thing and create a false, dishonest choice of either 'You pull out now or I'm getting in' is only furthering Tom Tancredo's ambitions, and it does nothing but help elect John Hickenlooper in November."

Now, of course, Tancredo's candidacy has gone from a possibility to virtually a done deal, with only some random paperwork and American Constitution Party machinations to be completed. Wadhams reacted to this situation on KHOW, where Tancredo enjoys home-field advantage thanks to the support of host and fellow immigration tub-thumper Peter Boyles. On the program, Wadhams went into attack-dog mode, hectoring Tancredo about his past calls to impeach President Barack Obama or a previous threat to bomb Mecca. Listen to the fireworks here.

So what's Wadhams saying now? Not much. In response to multiple interview requests this morning, Wadhams sent an e-mail note that reads: "At this point, I have nothing more to say about the Tancredo matter. My comments to you last week along with the statement I generally put out still stand."

To that, I sent a reply asking how Wadhams hoped to convince the Republican faithful to get excited about the party's nominee for governor, whether it winds up being troubled candidates Scott McInnis or Dan Maes or a third person to be named later, when he's spent days implying that Tancredo's entry into the race all but locks up a victory for presumptive Democratic nominee John Hickenlooper.

Thus far: silence. If Wadhams does eventually provide an answer, we'll share it with you. In the meantime, page down to read his formal statement about Tancredo, which omits mentions of Obama and the destruction of Mecca in favor of a complaints about a broken promise:

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