Lindsay Lohan: Does her new tattoo look like JonBenét Ramsey?

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Lindsay Lohan.
Just because Lindsay Lohan's in jail (thanks in part to an alarm tracked by Littleton's Alcohol Monitoring Systems) doesn't mean the celebrity press has lost interest in her.

The latest debate is over a new tattoo that looks like JonBenét Ramsey to at least one blogger.

London's Daily Mail has published a photo of the tat in question -- a rendering of a cartoon girl -- courtesy of photo of lindsay lohans new tattoo.jpg

Lohan reportedly chose the girlish image because she liked the innocence of it. But the blogosphere is interpreting it differently. Take's piece "Lindsay Lohan Has a Creepy Tattoo," in which blogger Moxie writes that it "looks oddly like JonBenét Ramsey."

Do you agree?

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