Name those bandits! What to call three thieves who bum-rushed 1stBank on Chambers Road?

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1st bank robbery suspect july 27 2010.JPG
Bandit in action.
The Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force has apparently been so busy naming the likes of the JV Bandit and the Formerly Known as the Perennial Bandit Bandit that it has yet to select a moniker for the trio that knocked over a Chambers Road 1stBank on Tuesday. Should they be the Hurdling Bandits (based on the photo seen here)? The Gang of Three? Or something else entirely? Decide for yourself after reading details from the FBI release and checking out the six photos below:

The Denver Police Department and FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force (RMSSTF) responded to a bank robbery which occurred on

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at approximately 2:13 p.m. at the

1st Bank
5105 Chambers Road
Denver, Colorado

The bank was robbed by three suspects described as black males wearing masks and hoods in the attached photographs.

At least one was armed with a large silver colored revolver.

The robbers fled west from the bank on foot and left the area in a late model silver Toyota Camry or Corolla driven by a fourth male.

Bank robbery is punishable by a 20 year prison sentence for each offense and increases if a dangerous weapon is used in the commission of the crime.

The FBI continues to provide financial institutions with the best practices for security to make them less vulnerable to robberies.

If anyone has any information on the bank robbery above, or any bank robbery, please call the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at 303-629-7171; or, you can remain anonymous and earn up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) by calling CRIMESTOPPERS at 720-913-STOP (7867).

GATE Robbery 7-27-2010

GATE Robbery 7-27-2010

GATE Robbery 7-27-2010

Page down to see more images:

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