Story about ubiquitous Crocs footwear most-read on Washington Post in past year

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Get ready for the shock of your life: There are a lot of Crocs haters out there -- which explains why a 2009 article about the Niwot, Colorado company's financial troubles has been the most viewed item on the Washington Post website this year. But that doesn't stop people from donning the colorful clogs, no matter how bad they look in them. For proof, see the famous and sort of famous, as well as the presidential and the musically talented, modeling their rubber booties.

Rosie O'Donnell.

You can wear this suit if you are applying for a job at only one company. The name rhymes with "rocks."

Jack Nicholson is too old and too rich to give a fuck abour your opinion of his choice of footwear.

Defies explanation. Glad to see his super powers aren't affected by smoking cigarettes, though. More superheroes need to smoke.

Neither Crocs nor Weird Al have ever been associated with being cool (unless it was being so uncool that they seemed cool). No wonder they seem to go well together.

A hip youngster at Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival attempts to hit on a girl. Maybe the ironic pink Crocs are working for him.

Like Jack Nicholson, George W. Bush probably didn't give a fuck, either. Which was probably bad, as he was the leader of the free world. Notice the Presidential socks to go with the Executive Crocs.

People are interested in sort-of celebrity and actress Tori Spelling. Why do we know this? Because somebody took the time to photograph her looking at Crocs in a store -- probably one of the most common retail activities of the decade.

Again, we're as baffled as you are as to why someone took a picture of actress Teri Hatcher wearing Crocs. But Google doesn't lie.

Cool actor and musician Jared Leto. Also wearing Crocs. With skinny jeans. Disaster.

The coolest president since JFK or Teddy Roosevelt, Obama somehow missed the memo that Crocs were on the way out in fashion circles.

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