Walter Bond allegedly torched sheepskin factory for animal rights cause (and wants to do it again)

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walter bond mug shot.JPG
Walter Bond.
Walter Bond doesn't exactly hide his convictions when it comes to animal rights. Law-enforcement types note that he has "a prominent tattoo on his neck just below his chin that reads, 'VEGAN.'"

However, Bond is accused of doing more than simply sticking to salads. He's been formally charged with setting fire to a sheepskin factory in April -- and he's said to have told investigators of his desire to repeat the feat.

Walter Bond's criminal complaint details the April 30 fire at the Sheepskin Factory, 510 South Colorado Boulevard in Glendale; a June blaze at a Salt Lake City, Utah leather factory; an early July conflagration at a Sandy, Utah restaurant that serves foie gras; and the information supplied by Bond during a sit-down at an East Colfax hotel. Here's a passage about the latter:

On July 22, 2010, at the direction of your Affiant, CI-01 met with Walter Edmund BOND at the Ramada Inn hotel located at 1150 E. Colfax Ave, Denver Colorado 80218. The meeting was consensually monitored and audio and video tape recorded by ATF. Your affiant and other investigators monitored the conversation and heard BOND state that he burned the Sheepskin Factory in Denver as well as a leather factory and a foie gras restaurant in Utah. BOND stated that he used the nickname "Lone Wolf" and these businesses all represented animals wolves typically hunt. BOND stated that at one time he lived near the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale and that it angered him that the business profited from animals. BOND further stated that the structure was "a box of matches" and he felt that it would easily burn. BOND stated that after he set the fire he watched it burn and saw fire trucks responding. BOND further stated that he intends to "torch" the Sheepskin Factory "in a couple of years" again since it is now reopened at another location.

Given his current legal situation, it'll take a lot of luck for him to make good on this last alleged goal. Look below to read a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, which details the potential sentence Bond could receive if convicted.

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