Bedbug alley mattress faces longer wait for large-item pickup: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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The proliferation of large items seen lining Denver alleys would seem to indicate that residents are just itching to complain about the lack of pickup service. Budget cuts have forced the city's solid-waste-management department to scale back service from once every six weeks to once every nine. The money that the city is saving in reduced collection service is best seen in a Capitol Hill tour of cushionless sofas and homeless napping mattresses...

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Bedbug infestations can take months to clear, and that is with diligent pest control. People who have been infested often are driven to the brink of insanity and suffer a post traumatic stress disorder of hyper-vigilant cleaning and repetitive mattress disposal. It's sad, but true.

The infestation has spread so wide that the large-nibbed felt pen used to write on the mattress seen in the photo above was probably a "Bedbug Infested Mattress Marker" available at Bedbugs, Bathbugs & Beyondbugs

Page down to see how dogs like to "mark their territory" on your old love seat...

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